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Women's Medical Respite

Recuperative Care for Unsheltered, Medically Fragile Women

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Can you imagine...?

Having survived a brutal beating and abdominal surgery to repair ruptured intestines, Ginny was discharged from the hospital and needed a safe place to land and recover. Women's Medical Respite stepped in to help.

During her first stay at WMR in October 2019, Ginny then found a tender lump in her breast. Staff immediately arranged for her to undergo a biopsy at the Breast Center.

Senior Portrait

Ginny's Story.

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    Please visit our Referrals page in our menu bar to access our admission criteria and contact our admission team.
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    Please visit our Give page, we have a variety of options available for potential donors. We appreciate your generosity!
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    Please visit our Get Involved page. We have a variety of sponsorship options available and we would love to meet any potential volunteers and sponsors. Thank you for your consideration!
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    Please visit our Contact page for contact information regarding public speaking and news media interactions. We appreciate your time!
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