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Celebrating Our New Facility

Women’s Medical Respite has cared for 260 medically fragile, unsheltered women since 2015. We’ve been very limited in our capacity to serve women in need until now. Finally, WMR is growing into a new and spacious home! The move into our new facility will more than double our capacity to meet the need for respite care in our community.

Our new home has a lovely, spacious interior, easier accessibility, and sits in a quiet community to promote a peaceful, healing environment. WMR friends have wanted to pitch in to volunteer or support us, and now we’re ready for them! There were so many hurdles, but the acquisition of this home just fell into place! We have faith that our organization and our community will continue to provide for the multiple needs we face in caring for women for years to come.

Our new location will allow for up to eight (8) women to stay at the respite at once.

We see one major need to be met before our facility doors can open. Before we can move our residents into our new home, we will have to remodel the downstairs bath and do some minor widening of a few doorways. We'll need some furnishings, household items, and support for getting settled into a place of our own.

We’re ready to make this expansion a reality! How about you?

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