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Our Cramped Reality

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Women's Medical Respite

Anticipating Expansion into Larger Facility

From the desk of Abigail Cool, Executive Director

Could you operate your kitchen, office, dining, bathroom, and three makeshift bedrooms that housed three to five people in only 650 square feet? Not to mention case workers and visitors who come and go each day, or considering the privacy needs everyone desires. We operate in this cramped reality every day.

We are sincerely grateful for The Kitchen Inc., who has graciously allowed us space in their emergency shelter for several years, but the demand for respite care is creating a need to expand.

Women’s Medical Respite (WMR) has many success stories that arise from the ladies we serve. Following recovery, many have left the WMR into permanent housing, found employment, and developed secure relationships.

Women's Medical Respite currently cares for three women at one time. Tragically, the WMR was compelled to turn away over 70 women needing recuperative care in 2022 due to limited space and a lack of ADA-accessible features. These women were not afforded the privilege of receiving help. Some of them went back to living on the streets or in camps. We need more beds and more space!

Below is a small snapshot of the cramped quarters in which we operate. Most of the activity takes place in the kitchen area. We are so cramped the ladies eat their meals on laps or trays. The staff desk is just below the 'family room' television. One resident's sleeping space is just behind the kitchen activity; we've assembled a curtain for privacy. Storage and laundry facilities are outside of the current apartment. Please take a peek into our Cramped Reality.


The WMR is on the Precipice of Expansion

The Women's Medical Respite has been growing its presence and influence in SWMO since concerted efforts were made to hire their first executive director June 2022. We have welcomed several new board members and volunteers whose support and insight has opened the door for expansion. We invite you to follow along with us in our journey to serve unsheltered women who need recuperative care.

Thank you.


Abigail Cool

Executive Director


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