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Tickets On Sale NOW for Rising Up to Build Healthy Lives!

Updated: Oct 24

Ticket sales have been open for about two weeks now, and we are extremely pleased with the turnout so far! Have you purchased your tickets yet?

We're getting more and more excited every day that draws nearer to this event, it's the first of its kind for this organization. This gives our non-profit the chance to come together with the community in celebration of our diligent work with clients and the wonderful individuals and business entities we've been blessed to work with.

We look forward to awarding this year's honorees for our appreciation and for their hard work. Awards will be given to this last year's notable sponsors and community members as well as individual members of staff and the Board of Directors for their contributions to our organization. We feel so blessed to have an amazing and talented team behind us, and our community of sponsors is growing daily. We simply HAD to give awards for the mind-blowing acts of generosity and kindness we see daily from those who work with us!

We will also hear from previous clients and share testimonies for how Women's Medical Respite gave them the confidence needed to Rise Up! (Notice the theme?) Our non-profit is overjoyed that we've had the kindness of our prior clients sharing their stories with us and with the public. Among our honorees will be some of these clients, and we encourage you to talk with them about their life and experiences. The hard work and collaboration of our clients and staff is what got us all to this point, and we can't wait to gather together to celebrate all of our achievements!

Our clients are our biggest passion, and we can't wait to see what we can to help them RISE UP! Will we see you there?

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Purchase tickets on our Event Details page here.

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