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It's Here! It's Finally Here!

Our First Annual Capital Campaign is Saturday! Have you purchased your tickets?

An Event Update from the Office Administrator:

A pleasant murmur has begun amongst all those responsible for putting together the event, and the excitement is palpable! In the hubbub of event planning, we all have barely looked at our calendars. Our volunteers, board members, and staff are all still hard at work putting together the various details that put together a large event like this, and I can't help but take a moment and consider of how eagerly everyone has participated. It's been a real joy to see the dedication and commitment from each person who devotes their time to our organization as a part of the larger whole (this event).

This is the first event of its kind for our nonprofit, and it should be said that undertaking a large fundraising campaign event like this almost always presents challenges. It's all about how we meet those challenges as a team that shows how we live up to our nonprofit's mission, goals, and values every day that we work with Women's Medical Respite.

Thankfully, I've gotten to witness strong moments of compassion and support from people at all levels and positions within our organization. I've seen collaborative brainstorming sessions where people are celebrated for their ideas. It's a regular occurrence to receive praise for your dedication and hard work. Building employee skills through onsite experience, educational trainings, and professional development all seem to be huge priorities as well.

When serving clients, that's when we see some amazing acts of kindness and compassion. It's truly inspiring how dedicated the people who serve our clients are when it comes to fulfilling WMR's mission and values. Even when faced with difficult client circumstances, our team members strive to uphold positive attitudes as they work alongside their clients to help them recover from illness and navigate the steps needed to create a better life situation. Clients are treated with respect and dignity, and many members of our team grow to become friends with clients as they receive respite care and services.

It's been really heartwarming to see how genuinely kind and giving our staff, volunteers, and executive members are and how they conduct themselves with grace and professionalism. I can't wait to celebrate everyone on Saturday, because that's what this event is for! It's a time for us to give thanks for the collaboration of many community entities and for us to give attention to our staff, board members, and volunteers.

Most importantly, it's a day we're happy to set aside to gather together to uplift our previous and current clients and really applaud all the efforts they have shown in fostering better life situations even in the face of extreme challenges. This day was planned to help our clients feel that with support, confidence, and community resources, they can begin Rising Up to Build Healthy Lives!

Tickets are quickly running out, it gives me the feeling that this event will be a wonderful time. We cannot wait to see you there!

- WMR Office Admin

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